Caitlin Long Announces New Blockchain Sandbox Bill to Be Signed in Wyoming by Governor Gordon

If you have been following the battle for blockchain in Wyoming at all, you know who Caitlin Long is. The blockchain advocate is also a veteran of Wall Street, and she quickly went to Twitter to announce major progress for the Wyoming Blockchain Coalition.

The news is in regard to a “fintech sandbox bills“, which ultimately could supercharge the growth of blockchain technology in Wyoming.

Long posted, “2 of the 8 #Wyoming #blockchain bills have now passed & head to @GordonGovernor for his signature! Today Sen Driskill presided in the Senate as the #fintech #sandbox bill passed 27-3! Stay tuned for more updates in the next few days! #TheWorldNeedsMoreCowboys”

With the bill, progress can be made in the world of fintech businesses relating to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and many other technologies. The regulatory sandbox will give startups a place to operate while they work on trials and product testing. After this testing is complete, at the startup has a working product, they can ultimately apply for formal licensing.

On January 31st, the first of these eight bills submitted in Wyoming was passed, which now makes it possible for cryptocurrencies to be considered legal property. This is a milestone for the United States and Wyoming, as it becomes the first step to make such a progressive leap forward in the walk to blockchain adoption.

The point of these eight bills in the first place is to make the state more appealing to blockchain and similar fintech companies that have already expressed interest for their area.

Fidelity and Coinbase, two companies with their own crypto services, now have the ability to host their operations in Wyoming legally.

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