12 Days of Coinbase

Coinbase may be the most well-known name in the world of blockchain. Having grown to being worth over $8 billion, there is no way to fly under the radar. This growth can be attributed to not only slick, user friendly services, but also to their marketing.

Capitalizing on the holiday season, Coinbase is has just wrapped up their very own ’12 days of Coinbase’. Between December 10th and 21st, Coinbase made 12 announcements of varying significance. Here we take a brief look at what each of these entailed.

On the 1st day of Coinbase
  • WeGift
    • Users now have the ability to convert their cryptocurrency holdings to gift cards supported by the WeGift platform
On the 2nd day of Coinbase
  • Zcash donation
    • Through org, Coinbase donated $10,000 worth of Zcash to Venezuelan families in need
On the 3rd day of Coinbase
  • Release of new media content demonstrating why cryptocurrency is the future of finance (see video at bottom)
On the 4th day of Coinbase
  • Addition of a ‘Watch list’ feature on the Coinbase dashboard. Allows for users to follow specific assets
On the 5th day of Coinbase
  • It was announced that Coinbase users situated within the United States can now withdraw funds directly to their PayPal account
On the 6th day of Coinbase
  • In a giving mood, after their donation to those in Venezuela, Coinbase donated $10,000 worth of Bitcoin to Syrian refugees in Greece. This also took place through org.
On the 7th day of Coinbase
  • Educational content is released on USD Coin (a stable coin released by Coinbase)
On the 8th day of Coinbase
  • The ability to convert directly between all supported assets is added to Coinbase. This means users can now convert crypto to crypto, with no need for FIAT.
On the 9th day of Coinbase
  • Diversity among assets. Coinbase Pro sees the addition of 4 new tokens: Golem, Zilliqa, Dai, and Maker
On the 10th day of Coinbase
On the 11th day of Coinbase
  • A bevy of new regions gain access to Coinbase services. These include Andorra, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Iceland, Isle of Man, and Lithuania
On the 12th day of Coinbase
  • $25,000 worth of BTC donated to victims of domestic violence

There you have it! Coinbase stayed true to their word, and released 12 various announcements throughout December. While some of these will not shift markets, a few days were particularly noteworthy.

Those of note are specifically, the ability to ‘cash-out’ to PayPal, and the addition of 4 assets to Coinbase Pro. The ability to cash-out has long been an annoying hurdle for users. The partnership with PayPal will surely help the situation. Meanwhile, the addition of 4 assets indicates that the company is finally living up to their promise of platform expansion. Supporting so few assets, until now the mere speculation of one being added to the platform would typically lead to huge price pumps. Hopefully through this continued expansion, support for additional assets ceases to be a huge event – allowing for true markets, void of speculation.

For those feeling charitable this holiday season, feel free to follow the example by Coinbase. Visit givecrypto.org and see how you can help someone in need!

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