Binance boss takes aim at Ripple “shills”

Changpeng Zhao has a word or two about Binance…

by Manoj Sharma for CNR

With the market undergoing what could safely be described as ‘difficulties’ over the past week, many crypto proponents are shifting their preferences as a consequence. Some of them head towards Ripple’s native currency as a new standard for hedging. However, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, doesn’t agree with such an approach.

The fresh interest in Ripple came off the back of the cryptocurrency civil war that’s dominated the last week. In turn, this has created some social media buzz. Some have started calling XRP the new standard as a result.

It is difficult to figure what standards that entail exactly as the asset still remains prone to volatility. Ripple, on its bad days, seems just as vulnerable as anything else out there.

With regards Binance boss Zhao, he’s taken to this Twitter feed to declare that he’s tired of the ‘shilling’ associated with this digital asset. While fans of Ripple hope to see it become Binance’s base currency, the company hasn’t confirmed any such plans.

Zhao tweeted about the XRP “shills” in an effort to see how many people were willing to put their words on the line for XRP. The retweets were rather mixed, as you’d probably expect. Here’s what he put out…

Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange as things stand. Many other players are trying to catch up. Some even have started using XRP as a base trading currency, but bigger companies aren’t interested in this approach as of yet. We wait and see if that changes soon…

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