Tron [TRX] will surpass Ethereum [ETH] : Justin Sun

On 3rd August, the Tron [TRX] Foundation announced the company’s latest releases and updates, giving users and fans a glimpse of what’s to come in the future. Justin Sun, the Co-Founder of Tron, had stated that 30th August will mark the completion of the Tron Virtual Machine mainnet.

He said that this will make the network faster and more affordable to Tron users with a goal of making Tron a mainstay in the cryptocurrency industry. Justin also went on to say that the Tron Foundation will be providing a sandbox to the Tronix in order to enable users to come up with new changes and updates to the network.

The Tron Foundation also revealed that the month of September will also see the start of upgrade processes for the Tron Virtual Machine. The company has promised that the upgrades will ensure that the network is “more stable, more secure, more user-friendly and will function with a fully optimized instruction set”.

The Tron Virtual Machine Team gave an update on the upgrade, saying that the process to optimize the network compiler has begun. This will make reportedly transactions and functions on the network faster, easier and much more streamlined.

Tron has also stated that the newly updated frameworks of the network will be compatible with the Virtual Machine and will support the recovery and snapshot options. The Foundation claimed that the launch of the Tron Virtual Machine will enable Tron to surpass Ethereum in terms of daily transactions, which will enable it to become the most influential public blockchain in the world.

The officials of the network also said that the Foundation will soon start the voting campaign for the elections of the Super Representatives while the beta version of the Tron Virtual machine will be conducted simultaneously. As a Super Representative member of the Tron Foundation, elected officials will have a major role in the future governance structure of the firm and will mainly represent the will of the people.

It is also said that the SR will act as guardians of the Tron network and actively participate in the calculation and validation of the network.

In the next round of updates, the company has said that the BitTorrent partnership will allow the network to improve the company’s existing altruism and also extend rewards to users. The firm has decided that users will be rewarded for seeding active torrents, thereby incentivizing members to follow the process.

The partnership is also planning to target the improvement of the global payment and online content creation industries. Justin Sun has stated that the elimination of third parties will allow the creation of pure and unfiltered content for the masses.

The Tron foundation technology team has also revealed that a slew of dApp launches are in the pipeline. This includes:

  • Development tools such as Tron Web, Tron Link, Tron Scan, Tron Ganache and Tron Remix.
  • Engine Tools such as Coco2d, unity 3d, Laya, Egret, and SDK.
  • Third party tools like the Loom network and software that supports the Tron network.