Monero in Bitfi, John McAfee’s ‘Unhackable’ wallet propels forward

Bitfi, a global payments technology company have broadcasted their new Bitfi Knox Wallet, the first ‘unhackable’ and an open source wallet that highlights a wireless setup and supports many cryptocurrencies like Monero.

Sources claim the wallet to be very safe and impenetrable by hackers. The wallet uses a certain mathematical algorithm that makes the private key exist for a split second, only long enough to approve the transaction before disappearing forever.

Unlike other wallets, Bitfi Knox cannot be tampered with and if by any chance the wallet is lost, stolen or opened up and analyzed carefully, the private keys would still not be found hence making it completely safe when purchased by anyone. The wallet also enables the user to store an unlimited amount of money, unlike others where there is a restriction on how much can be stored.

John McAfee, a British-American computer programmer and founder of McAfee Associates, recently bolstered the Bitfi wallet and claims it to be hack-proof. Furthermore, he openly challenged that if anyone could hack into the wallet, he would offer them $100,000.

A Redditor comments saying:

“Uses an algorithm to generate your private key from a passphrase. The theory is, therefore, a private key isn’t stored on the device for longer than a few milliseconds (while you approve a transaction, for e.g.). I am suspicious of it, but it does seem a bit nicer than the ledger at this stage anyway.”

The wallet allows users to see and regulate all their assets and cryptocurrencies through the dashboard. This feature also enables them to view their current balances and grants them the ability to change from one currency to another.

Daniel Khesin, co-founder of Bitfi comments on Bitfi saying:

“The Bitfi Knox wallet is the result of experiments with the most advanced circuit topologies, components, and materials derived from the state-of-the-art theory and practice in many fields. It is the result, of our strenuous commitment and single-minded dedication to advancing the universal adoption of the decentralized digital asset economy in everyday life, for everyone.”