Litecoin (LTC) Gets a Price Drop. However, It’s all Glitz and Glamour for Litecoin

Litecoin (LTC) has hit an abrupt end to its scintillating reinvigorating comeback over the past week. In the last one week, Litecoin pulled out a strong run, coming from under $120, and closed yesterday at a high of $155.

However, at the time of this writing, Litecoin has shed off some of the value it accumulated, and is now trading at around $144 apiece. Litecoin has lost some of its market cap as a result of the price drop, Litecoin is now ranked 6th, trailing EOS, with a market cap of $8.130 Billion USD.

Glitz and Glam for Litecoin: Litecoin Gathers More Support

Founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee announced yet another partnership and upcoming project for Litecoin. Litecoin is now official partners with Wirex, and would be working together to create a debit card. The news of another debit card for Litecoin is coming just days after the much guarded secret partnership between Litecoin and TenX dropped.

Litecoin Foundation and TenX are working to create a co-branded debit credit card. Not only that, TenX now support Litecoin on both Android and iOS devices. Litecoin will be getting two cards services in the near future, a redemption of the promise from the failed LitePay.

Despite the failure Litecoin encountered with the launch of LitePay, Litecoin has been on the impressive side, getting into a much acclaimed partnership with Abra last month. Litecoin may have lost momentum in the gains department, but it certainly has not lost its shine as a favored trade asset by companies.

GeminiDotCom is All That’s Left for Litecoin (LTC)

The boost in trading volumes and market cap that comes with getting listed on major exchange platforms cannot be over emphasized. Litecoin understands that, and as such is listed on all except one major exchange platform. In the early hours of today, Litecoin got listed for trading on Korbit, one of South Korea’s oldest and second biggest exchange platform.

Litecoin can now be traded in South Korea, one of the largest market for digital assets. With this new listing, the only major digital exchange platform Litecoin has not been listed on is GeminiDotCom. The Litecoin Team certainly deserves an accolade for this feat.

Litecoin Showcases Transaction Prowess

Litecoin was created as a lighter alternative to Bitcoin, of which it has not failed to live up to. Litecoin proved why it is the preferred payment option to Bitcoin and most other altcoins. In a Litepal transaction using Litecoin, a total of $99,000,000.00 (USD) was transferred in around 150 seconds with a transaction fee of only $0.4.

To Wrap It Up

Litecoin Foundation and the entire community cannot be happier following the news of not one, but two debit cards coming to the platform soon. What remains for Litecoin (LTC), is the conversion of the positive momentum into a price lift. Perhaps, we may just see the prediction that put LTC at $1,000 by the end of 2018 become a reality.